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The Structure of Argumentation as revealed by Text Analysis

Now a method will be followed that is more or less the opposite of the one in the previous section. Insight into an argumentation will be derived by analyzing it more closely. Elements will be considered in their context rather than a variety of building blocks being presented. For this text analysis I chose Chapter 2 of The Manufacture of Madness (pp. 28-41), a relatively short excerpt from one of Szasz’s most well-known writings, which deals with a more-or-less completed subject in itself. It originated in around the middle of the productive critical-psychiatric period until 1984. It is one of the eight chapters in which institutional psychiatry is compared to the Inquisition. It is titled “The Malefactor Identified” and is meant to describe how witches were identified and how psychiatric patients are diagnosed. The purpose of the chapter is to show how much these two procedures resemble one another.
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